Functional Whole Foods to Help You Feel Whole

  • Açaí

  • Agave

  • Beetroot

  • wild blueberries

  • cacao

  • camu camu

  • chlorella

  • cordyceps mushroom

  • gotu kola

  • kale

  • maca root

  • matcha green tea

  • milk thistle

  • moringa

  • rosehip

  • spinach

  • triphala

  • wheat grass

Whole Food Powders to Help Fill the Nutrition Gaps

better ingredients, better taste, better you

If tacos are your superfood, we need to talk. This fills the holes in your diet with whole foods to help you feel whole while at work, the gym . . . and just in life in general.

When you have one nerve left, and life is on it, this will helpyou find happiness in life’s crappiness. You need this!

“Eat your vegetables!” our moms used to tell us. “Eat your skincare!” is what we want to tell you. Because looking better on the outside starts from the inside.

Imagine eating a really, really big salad that has all the right nutrients, antioxidants, and everything in between, and then condensing them down to 2 small, small teaspoons. That’s Plant Greens Latte!

Meet hot chocolate’s healthier and friendlier cousin! This has a deep dark chocolaty taste, with a hint of earthiness from hand-picked cordyceps mushrooms . . . with a velvety texture from organic cacao.

Hey, move it! Get the lead out! The lead, and other heavy metals in your bones, liver, brain, kidneys and heart, that is. Get the Lead Out binds to heavy metals, and then you pee them out.

Don’t fix your problems. Fix your thinking.
Then the problems will fix themselves.


What do you cook when you don’t feel like cooking? Sprinkle in foods that fulfill your body and mind.

Just sprinkle in our whole plant blend powders to anything on your plate or in your cup.

We have many recipes for you.

Superfood Red Velvet Cake

Superfood Red Velvet Cake

Serves 8-10 Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 30-35 min Chill Time 3 hrs  Ingredients Cashew Buttercream Frosting 1 1/2 cup raw cashews, soaked o...

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Rainbow Pancakes

Rainbow Pancakes

Serves 12 to 15 Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 30 min  Ingredients 2 ripe banana 3 cups gluten-free oats 2 1/4 cup oat milk 2 tsp baking powder...

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Moody Blueberry Ice Cream

Moody Blueberry Ice Cream

Serves 4 to 5 Prep Time 10 min Chill Time 1 to 2 hours  Ingredients 2 cups canned, full-fat coconut milk (1 can) 1/3 cup maple syrup 1 cup b...

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You are what you eat AND what you think.
If you don’t like how you feel,
change your diet and your thoughts.

Think about it…

…you really are what you eat and what you think. And if your thoughts are bad, then how you feel, even how your skin and how your hair looks, will be bad.

If you don’t like how you feel, or even the kind of person you are, then change your diet and especially your thoughts.

The hand-picked, hand-made higher-quality ingredients in our whole food supplements will help you feel better, look better, and do better in life!