There's no magic pill for health

Happy New Year! 

Tamam Life asked me to say a few words to those wondering how to get healthier in 2021 and beyond. I dedicated my life to become a clinical nutritionist and couldn't be happier.

My motivation and interest in nutrition started in my senior year of high school.  I became serious about being physically fit after I started to eat better and increase my activity. I knew with proper nutrition I can enhance my performance. My hobby became learning how foods we eat play a vital role in our body functions from inside out . Soon after my 1st semester in College while taking an elective, Exercise Physiology, I was introduced to the field of dietetics. Thereafter, I immediately changed my major to pursue a Bachelor of Science in dietetics. I have remained passionate about food, health and wellness for 20+ years. 

My journey

I started as a Clinical Dietitian at Post sub-acute health care center,  then moved on to become the director of Food and Nutrition Services. I now work as a renal dietitian with Fresenius Kidney Care. All the while, I have helped to educate, motivate, inspire friends, family, coworkers, patients to live their best life by valuing the impact that good nutrition has on overall health. 

My Mission Statement as a Dietitian:

My mission is to help people develop better eating habits because research shows that dietary habits influence disease risk. Its not about following a special diet, it's about making food choices to fit a healthy lifestyle. I strive to achieve this through individualized nutrition education that improves the quality of life of every person.  My purpose is to help others identify and overcome their nutrition challenges to be proactive in prevention of disease.  I aim to increase the wellness and empowerment of individuals through nutrition education and outreach.

What do I think of Tamam Life's drinks?  

I enjoy sharing my knowledge of healthy natural organic products that have become a staple in my household ….such as Tamamlife products. There's no magic pill for health, but adding extra nutrients to your regular diet that you might not otherwise get is a no-brainer. I personally love the Beauty Bomb and Black Magic. And Get the Lead out is different than most health drinks I've had. It is a great detoxifier of heavy metals and has such a smooth taste. I was happily surprised. 


RDN - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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