1. Who is TLC?

Tamam Life is a woman-owned business that launched April 2020 in the California Bay Area. We use 100% organic whole plants that are purposefully blended to provide you with a nutritional and healthier alternative to sugary and caffeinated drinks filled with additives and chemicals. Tamam Life blends are unique in their health benefits and flavor profile, from increasing energy to reducing stress and much more.  

  1. What ingredients do you use?

Tamam Life uses a variety of organic whole plants including, kale, cordyceps mushrooms, maca, acai, beetroot, matcha green tea, wild blueberries, chlorella, gotu kola and many more adaptogen plants. Each blend uses functional, organic plants to help improve health – mind and body.

  1. Can you cook with these blends?

Yes. Tamam Life blends can be added into almost anything – cooked or raw.  The choice is yours.

  1. How do I use these products?

We suggest a scoop of 2 teaspoons in about 12 ounces of hot milk or coffee, stir or shake vigorously. This produces the most delicious latte you can imagine. Creamy, healthy and little to no calories. Served cold for iced lattes, or in smoothies or sprinkled in superfood bowls.The amount you put is up to your taste buds - some like it mild while others stronger.  

The short answer is it’s easy to make.

Steps to Make Tamam Life Drinks:

  • Take 2 teaspoons in your favorite milk. We prefer plant-based milks like oat, almond or soy. Your choice.
  • Stir or Shake vigorously. Because our blends are 100% clean - NO additives (stabilizers and gums), preservatives or added sugars, they naturally contain the plants original taste and smell. So, make sure to shake or stir consistently to get the most nutrients in your system.
    • Each blend will dissolve in hot or cold liquids. Our experience has been that it dissolves quicker in hot liquids, but when shaken or used with milk forther - it's great either way.
  • Add as a booster to just about anything. Our fans put them in smoothies and coffee, sprinkled on oatmeal /cereal or superfood bowls to boost nutrition. You can also add them into cooking recipes. 
  1. Do I need to refridgerate them?

Products do need to be refrigerated. However, we recommend keeping them in a cool dry place to preserve their freshness. We keep ours next to the coffee and tea storage.

  1. Are the products vegan, organic, kosher and Non-GMO or have any additives?

These products are all vegan, organic, kosher, GMO-free, no added sugars or additives. It is 100% whole food nutrition.

  1. Can I use while I’m pregnant?

All of our blends are safe to use, however depending on individual health conditions we recommend you check with your doctor first.

  1. Do any of the blends have added sugars?

No added sugars in Tamam Life blends. Only sugars is that which comes naturally from the plant/fruit.

  1. Why do the blends settle at the bottom after you stir or shake them?

Because we don’t use stabilizers or gums to suspend the ingredients in liquids, the drink may settle at the bottom like sediment. It is perfectly fine and just needs to be stirred around again. This is what natural looks like, friends.

  1. What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are natural substances that help improve (adapt) your body’s response to stress.

  1. Do you offer samples?

Yes we offer starter packs that can be used as samples to try before you buy a full-sized (6 oz) blend.

  1. Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we offer wholesale sizes and pricing to interested partners like foodservice companies, cafes and restaurants. Just reach out to us at info@tamamlife.com.

  1. Where can I find your products?

All products can be found online @tamamlife.com. We plan to have them available at selected retail stores.

  1. Where do you ship your products from?

We ship from Houston, Texas.

  1. Are they made in the US?

Yes all of our products are made in the U.S.

    16. Can I sprinkle them on fruit or bowls?

Absolutely. There is no wrong way to include our blends into your diet.

    17. Are your ingredients freeze-dried? How are they processed?

We use a combination of methods. Certain ingredients must be freeze-dried to preserve their nutrients and prevent them from spoiling. The nutrients in most of our products is preserved through low-temperature drying. So when possible, we use low-temp drying which means the product is still raw and retains all of the vital nutrtients and enzymes.

If you have more questions, please send us an email at info@tamamlife.com