Our Roots

We started in an artsy little eatery in Berkeley, California that has for years been whipping up healthy, whole plant-based beverages for rabidly loyal patrons. The teas, lattes and smoothies here are different. They contain only carefully proportioned blends of natural, healthful plants from the earth and sea. We loved them so much that we decided to branch out in order to bring these wonderful products directly to you.

Our blends are made from superfoods, tea, algae, ayurvedic and medicinal plants. Some of the drinks contain chlorella, the most powerful heavy metal eliminator. We also use Moringa, camu-camu, acai, spirulina, mushroom, cacao and more. Most of them are natural promoters of longevity, reverse aging and inhibit cancer cell growth. Other ingredients like matcha,gotu kola and wild blueberries help decrease inflammation, boost your immune system, improve skin elasticity, and a multitude of other healing benefits. People have noticed youthful skin, increased energy and mental alertness after a few weeks of drinking our unique blends.

An Ode to Grandma

Because our name is unique, we are usually asked where it comes from and what does it mean. Typically it's followed by "how do you say that again?"

Tamam means "complete or perfect" in Arabic and Turkish. Tamam happens to also be the name of Audrey’s (co-founder) maternal grandmother. In addition to being incredibly strong in character, she nourished her family with love and delicious culinary skills to feed over three generations across continents. Her name fits our company, perfectly since we grind, create and blend our plant-based drinks allowing you to consume the complete plant, taking in 100% of the beauty and wellness benefits, for which there are many.  

 Natural Beauty

Tamam Life is centered around helping you feel, look, and perform better using nature's most powerful plant properties. Our drinks are all natural, vegan, organic and GMO-free, without additives or added sugars or pesticides. No pills, animal byproducts or tampering with our drinks. We source from around the globe to bring you the purist ingredients filled with antioxidants that fight free radicals and inflammation, adaptogens, and polyphenols that help improve brain function,Type 2 diabetes, heart health, digestion and numerous other health benefits. 

You can savor Tamam Life's drinks hot or cold. They can be dissolved in just about anything - from steamed almond, hemp or oat milk - or added to your favorite smoothie or protein shake. And the extra bonus is that they’re delicious!

One sip and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

We hope you'll enjoy our drinks! Give them a try and let us know what you think. 


Audrey and Marc

Tamam Life

Drink for the health it.