Our Mission is to improve your health and beauty from the inside with natural, whole plant beverages.

Tamam Life is centered around helping you feel, look, and perform better using nature's most powerful plant properties. For people who believe that health and beauty come from the inside our unique whole-plant-based, organic beverage blends from plants, teas, algae, and ayurvedic herbs can help you combat fatigue, reduce inflammation, decrease stress, eliminate toxins and improve your skin's appearance for a better you.

Our drinks are organic, vegan, kosher, chemical and GMO-free, without additives or added sugars. No pills, animal byproducts or tampering with our drinks. We source from around the globe for the purist ingredients filled with antioxidants that fight free radicals and inflammation. They contain adaptogens, and polyphenols that help improve brain function,Type 2 diabetes, heart health, digestion and numerous other health benefits. 

We use the whole plant by grinding it to a fine powder, allowing a speedy delivery of all nutrients. We don't discard the good parts (skin or leaves) or replace them with synthetic knock-offs that impart only a fraction of the benefits. Every ingredient has a purpose - to improve your health.   

Our products can be enjoyed in just about anything hot or cold - from "milk" of your choice for hot or iced lattes to refreshing smoothies. And the extra bonus beyond stamina, anti-aging and immune boosting is that they taste great and convenient to make, wherever you are.