Plant Greens Detox- a 5 in 1 whole plant food blend to help your gut – from missing essential nutrients to occasional constipation. This detox blend improves digestion, while detoxing at the same time.

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Plant Greens is a solution for pollution (inside you) that helps get your digestion, colon, and your overall health ready for the day.

  • Helps promote healthy intestinal walls for movement for digesting; overall gut health to start the day off right. Revs up metabolism
  • Helps your body detox – clean itself – to help “reset” yourself for energy boosts, good vibes, and calm. 😊
  • ADDED BONUS: has multiple antioxidants and anti properties – along with the right nutrients missing from your diet – that helps with body aches, and to maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol.

  • 30-45 day supply for 6 ounces; 160-240 days for 32 ounces.
  • Free shipping in the U.S.A.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.


But that’s because the world seems like a mess – giving you
indigestion, occasional constipation, along with toxins and pollution.
Read on to see how Plant Greens helps clean out the mess. 


And let’s not mince words here…

It has been said that the gut is the second brain. Research indicates that when there’s irritation in the gastrointestinal system, the gut helps send signals to the central nervous system (CNS) that activates mood changes*.

Be kind to your gut and mental health by helping your digestive system work better.

Did you know that 30-40% of people have functional bowel problems

Introducing the 5 synergistic feel-goods to help your gut, and everything in-between:

Because when you eat and drink better, you feel better, and then you do better in Life!

Cracked-cell wall chlorella you can digest

This king of greens algae has more than 20 bio available (easy to digest) vitamins & minerals. And it contains 60% protein! That’s 3x more than animal meat. This is a must have in every diet. It’s also a natural detoxifier.

Japanese Matcha green tea powder

Organic matcha green tea – when combined with our other 4 feel-goods – will make you feel lighter with a boost of more energy! 1 cup of matcha has roughly the same amount of antioxidants that are in 3 cups of regular green tea.


(Kalingme softly)

Not everyone likes kale. But Kale loves you! It has calcium which is good for bones, iron which is important for the body and vitamin C & Vitamin K. All help for strong bones, immune systems, and digestion.


(Organic feats of strength)

If Kale has more calcium than spinach, then Spinach wins on the iron side. A great food for non-meat eaters. It helps strengthen your bones, eye health and digestion.

And introducing the triphala fruit……to help you do the number two.


“The road to health is paved with good intentions intestines.”


Trip what?

Triphala. It’s a combination of three fruits from India for alternative tonic health, especially for digestive health.

  • Research has shown that the compounds in triphala helps the movement of the intestinal walls, which helps – move things along.
  • It also supports healthy gut bacteria, which helps with digestion, and overall gut health.
  • Triphala promotes, and then supports healthy mucosal lining and nerves in the gut.

Better digestion. Better poop. Better day. 😊

If you need more nutrition in your day to help give you a better day, why not try Plant Greens?

Sometimes don’t ask “why?” Just ask “why not?”

Give it a Try TRY IT NOW

Plant Greens – like our other feel-good products – helps you find balance in your body, mind, and soul. 😊

You feel good when you do good things for yourself!

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If occasional stress has you by the gut, tell yourself this to help loosen its grip.

A stressed-out mind usually gives you a stressed-out gut. And, when that happens you feel worse. And around and around we go! How you react to situations and toxic people is what causes the stress. So, tell yourself this one sentence to help you start to feel better:

It’s not the stress that messes me up, it’s what I do with it.



What you need to help you feel, and do better in life is in here.

Tamam Life Co (TLC) gives you a little TLC when you include us as part of a healthy lifestyle.

And you’ll try anything once, for the health of it so,


Free shipping in the U.S.A.
30 day money back guarantee.

We want to thank each of you for trying Plant Greens.

Let us know how well it works for you. We want to hear your

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jen Collier

This has a nice array of greens+sea veg+Ayurvedic blend. It doesn’t have any added sweetener. I add to coconut water in a jar and shake! I am curious as to the iodine content-?

Traci R
Helped my skin

“I recently tried Tamam Life. I love it! Sometimes I have to take a prescription medication that gives me a rash on my nose. I was surprised to find the Plant Greens Detox Latte helps mitigate the rash. I have seen health benefits using this chlorella-rich product.

I add some to my daily smoothie and sometimes I even put in a little extra. You can because the flavor is not overpowering. It actually tastes quite good!

I also want to give a little shout out to, Moody Blue Latte. We also use Moody Blue in our home and we find it truly does help with the blues often associated with the start of the work week. Moody Blue also blends in deliciously with the smoothie. So much so - we can’t wait to try the whole line!”

Thanks Traci! So glad to hear it helped your skin. Keep up the good work of taking care of your body and skin health.

Ed B.
my new, better habit

My new, better habit... I like these products for more than one reason. I'm excited to try the other flavors soon.

TASTE - If you use the recommended serving size it has a delicate taste, I use 1.5 or 2x regular serving for a bolder taste to suit my palate.

USAGE - After a workout, I add a teaspoon of Beauty Bomb Latte to my almond milk with protein blender bottle over ice, its delicious. To replace my coffee habit early in the morning, I use Plant Greens Detox Latte hot with almond or oat milk. Be sure its hot enough and stir vigorously to mix well.

INGREDIENTS - With only a handful of ingredients, you won't find any fillers/additives in this mix. The quality ingredients to me says this product is purposeful and pure.

COST - This is less expensive than my former coffee habit. I can enjoy this product for an entire month for about the same cost of 1 week's worth of coffee at a nearby cafe.