Moody Blue– an “awesome” mood-food to help you balance your mind, body and soul for feeling better.

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It’s been said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Actually, a mind, body and soul are terrible things to waste.

And if you have a day when you feel like wasting away, let’s change things up.

  • Relieves stress and occasional anxiety that life is dumping on you.
  • Moody Blue helps motivate you to do more in life, beating worries and procrastination to a pulp!
  • Feel more energy boosts – that get you through a really long day, with more endurance to outperform your usual self.
  • EXTRA BONUS: Moody Blue has multiple antioxidants and anti properties – along with the right nutrients missing from your diet.
    Because a healthy body + a healthy mind = a happier life.

The 3-in-1 mood-food

For (just about) everything life throws at you!


1. Maca (Maca root)


Maca, also known as “maca root,” is grown in the Andes Mountain in Peru.

In a laboratory setting, maca root has chemical actions that help
promote a healthy production of hormones and altering stress
chemicals in the brain and nervous system.

It has also been reported that these same chemical actions could help
the entire body function better.

2.Wild blueberries


Wild blueberries have more antioxidants and other important benefits than regular blueberries for the brain and nervous system. More positivity less negativity is the goal.

Because life can drain the health, optimism and energy from your mind, body and soul.

Blueberries activate responses in the brain, showing better mood and cognition.

3.Gotu kola


Gotu kola is found in tropical and warmer climates around the world. Its chemicals and properties support healthy GABA,
which is a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) in your brain.

It is thought to help relieve occasional anxiety in a natural way, along with feeling better overall. Notable to Gotu Kola is its anti-aging properties and an ingredient in luxury creams. Treat from the inside and save your money on pricey cosmetics.


Feel more energy boosts that get you through a really long day, with a few more hours to spare!

Moody Blue also helps motivate you to do more in life; worrying less and getting sh#! Done !


The acting compounds in Moody Blue does more for your brain and central nervous system so they can do more for you!

Relieves stress and ocassional anxiety that life dumps on you. And – helps support a healthy brain for memory, focus, and learning at the same time. *

Extra Bonus for Feeling Better:


Moody Blue has multiple antioxidants and pro-health properties, along with the right nutrients missing from your diet for overall body health, because it helps maintain healthy cell integrity in your brain, heart, bones (joints)…70+ organs in your body.

  • Of, course results can vary, but you must be curious to see how well Moody Blue works for you.
  • So, why not try it for the next 30 days, for the health of it?

Try now- 100% quality guarantee.

IT’S ALL (just about) MENTAL!

Tamam Life Co (TLC) gives you a little TLC when you include us as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Have more energy to get ahead.

  • Have more of a positive attitude, self-esteem, a healthy outlook on life.
  • Relieves stress, and occasional anxiety.
  • Moody Blue helps support your healthy brain and nervous system, so they can help support you!

And you’ll try anything once, for the health of it so…

We want to thank each one of you for trying Moody Blue.

Let us know how well it works for you. We want to hear from you.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Diggin it

I am diggin on this. Blueberries are my favorite and as a latte it's soooo good. It has other stuff like gotu kola in it, something that's good for healing skin. It's been around like a thousand years in China and India. Also did some research on it and everything in this is healthy for my skin and body. Thanks!

Took my blues away!

I have been super stressed at work to the point that I’ve been giving myself stomach aches. On Friday, I started my day with the Moody Blue latte and I did not feel the same anxiety and stress I had been feeling. I had a sense of calm over me and felt more focused.

The latte tasted great! Just a note, use hot milk to help it dissolve.

I will definitely be adding the Moody latte to my morning routine!

Traci R
Started the week stress free

I want to give a little shout out to, Moody Blue Latte. We also use Moody Blue in our home and we find it truly does help with the blues often associated with the start of the work week. Moody Blue also blends in deliciously with the smoothie. So much so - we can’t wait to try the whole line!”

(I also gave Plant Detox praise)